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A Visit Home – Twende Pwani
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A Visit Home

We made an extremely early start today, as we were to visit Joe’s family’s rural home, where they are suffering from drought. Our first stop was the big market at Kongowea to load up with maize to feed the animals.


This all took ages, though it gave me a chance to see the market, all hustle and bustle. Eventually we were loaded, some string find to tie down the load, and we were on the road again. Next stop was the airport to collect my missing bag, then up the main highway towards Nairobi as far as Mariakani, where we had an excellent yet cheap breakfast. Then on to the rural home, where the youngsters turn need out to unload the maize.


It really does look dry here. The trees are still green, but the ground is parched.


The goats soon found the maize that was dropped.


Some of the cattle are really thin.

They asked if I’d drive the truck to the nearest water distribution point (a few miles away), and soon about 40 jerricans appeared.


Our queue at the water point


Reloading the truck. It handled better with the weight on the back!


Back home, the water had to be carried. I could barely lift the full jerricans.


I had some clothes donated by colleagues at work which a shared admin the extended family, all very needy.




Two of granny’s teddies found happy owners.


It’s a very peaceful spot, if only there were more water…



We walked to the dam, the reservoir is almost dry, but there is just a little water which can be used for the animals (so this community is luckier than some).


Some people also drink this water, if they don’t have means to fetch from the water point. It’s hardly clean!


However, the animals appreciate it.


We then made out way home, a fairly easy drive on the new road to Kaloleni and Kilifi, then back down the coast road.

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