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Kilifi – Twende Pwani
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Father Joe asked me to visit the Pwani Secondary School for the Deaf. When it was started almost ten years ago it was only the fourth secondary school for deaf children in Kenya, but others saw that it could be done and there are now about 10.

Last time I visited about 4 years ago there was a mud-built kitchen, now they have a good modern kitchen (decorated by my teachers).


Most of the students are away as only those taking the KCSE public exams remain. They were practising their sign language exam.


One of the dormitories, sponsored by Mombasa Port Authority, built since my last visit.


The nearest building, the ablutions block, was brand new when I last visited. The customs beyond were the first buildings on site.


On one of my visits I remember the steps at the front being built. I was struck by women hammering nails straight for reuse, which no one at home would ever bother with these days.


The students enjoy a break.



The school office. They’d like a proper building, but they also need a science lab…


The principal and his deputy. They are in the process of building 2 more classrooms.


After the school we went to look for food, and my inbuilt food radar found the mkahawa Joe and I met Fr Anthony at many years ago, Simia Tamu where we had a good lunch of githeri.


We went on the the little beach on Kilifi Creek and walked among the rock pools. On the way down we saw this interesting baobab tree, looking like organ pipes.


Collecting sea water to bathe baby Aidan


I’m a star!


Rush hour traffic


The cliffs (Kilifi is a corruption of Cliffy) are interesting

The mangrove reminded me of a Buddhist shrine with its prayer cloths, but it’s a shrine to our disposable culture.


Kilifi has more than its fair share of impressive baobabs.


We went on to the North Coast Beach Hotel, an old haunt at Kikambala, where Lucy and I swam in the pool as the tide was out.


Then back via Tuskys to a chapati party.



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