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The great packing challenge

How on earth are we going to get all of this in the bags?

How on earth are we going to get all of this in the bags?

Look who’s going to greet us in Shanzu!

New Baby

So it seems there will be a new baby to greet us in Shanzu – David’s wife produced this little one just 2 hours ago (David is one of Fr Joe’s brothers). Karibu msichana mpya!

Meanwhile, the storm left us unscathed and preparations continue – just 48 hour until we leave England and our adventure begins.


Packing and au revoirs

Having said our farewells to work colleagues on Thursday, the weekend has been busy with packing and farewells. A pleasant evening on Saturday with the pilgrims, with whom a 3-month separation is nothing out of the ordinary, but church, family and Minden Rose on Sunday – these are people we see all the time…

And so to bed, bracing ourselves for the threatened storm


The time is nigh

So, 2 months have passed since I created this blog. 2 months ago, our departure for Kenya seemed such a long way off, but now it is just round the corner…

So, are we ready? Well, there are always things to do at home, but we are getting there. Much is packed, and we’re doing well raising money to roof Fr Joe’s house. Work things seem to be under control – I feel like a spare part much of the time, which is a credit to those who have taken things on.

We have some loose plans, but beyond getting ourselves to Mombasa we’re keeping things fluid until we arrive and can talk to our friends and make a mutually agreeable schedule.

But I must add more to this blog!

Getting Started

It seems appropriate to start this blog on the Feast of St Aidan, exactly 2 calendar months before we arrive in Mombasa. There’s much to do before we go…