Day: November 29, 2023

Climbing Mount Kenya

Back in January I climbed Kilimanjaro and through the generosity of many supporters raised over £3000 for the Kwale Eye Centre in Kenya.

I am currently back in Kenya and next week will climb Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, on a 4-day hike from West to East. I’m told it’s tougher and colder than Kilimanjaro, and the El Niño rains that have been battering Kenya will add an extra dimension!

I thought it might be too soon to squeeze people for money again, but a number of friends have asked how to donate and it’s such an important cause… So if you want to support that’s great, but don’t feel pressured.

For technical reasons we can’t use GoFundMe at the moment, but donations can be made via Eyes For East Africa’s own website. If you do donate, please tell me.

I will add some updates to this blog.

Many thanks