A Couple of Quiet Days

We’ve had a couple of quiet days. Tuesday Eunice and a friend came round to discuss a website for Okoa Jahazi, the women’s group we met a few weeks back. We sat under the mango tree and ran through things,using my camera as a scanner, until the geckos on the tree distracted me.



After lunch I went to Shanzu for shopping and met some friends, ended up in Bundus drinking Tusker…

Wednesday we went to Samuel’s to collect Edward. Their eldest sister, Gladys, was there and we found John dressing his nephew, Anton.


We headed into Mtwapa, went to the post office (a first!), then lunch at Al Mansura (lunch for 3  including a soft drink for £3.50). We had planned to go to Kikambala so that Meld could get her hair cut at the salon at North Coast, but Ed mentioned the hairdressing school in Mtwapa so we wandered round there. But they said “we’re a salon we style hair but you need a barber” and sent us to Club Lambada (a night club). Strange as it seemed, they have a combined beauty salon and kinyozi (barber) and we both got a haircut (Meld’s first with clippers rather than scissors). The guy took a lot of care and £10 for 2 seemed cheap to us (and expensive to Ed!)


Ed, who has a fractured hand after an unfortunate encounter with a drunk in Shanzu a couple of days ago, seemed happy to wait and watch!


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