A Couple More Days

Friday, a day for massage, laundry and visitors! In the afternoon, Joe came and drove us to Chalets Beach for a quick swim and soda. Next to the beach are the Cowrie Shell Apartments: you can almost see the coloured glass in the link between the two blocks.


Joe dropped us in Bushy and we picked up vegetables before walking home. We met Joe’s sister Sidi on the way an she took us to see her home/.


Jacob brought his girlfriend Lydia home, and on Saturday morning they looked smart for the children’s birthday party.



After a morning of websites, we went up to Kikambala with Maggy and had a drink at Sun’n’Sand Hotel.


The tide was far out when we arrived so we didn’t swim, but the view was nice.


In the evening we went to a house mass with some of Joe’s parishioners, their children and grandchildren, followed by supper.


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