Base Titanium

Today’s main activity was a visit to Mike’s workplace, Base Titanium, but before we set out we had to have breakfast – githeri and casava.


Agostino has become a villa fan.


At the titanium plant we only visited the catering section where Mike works, and met his bosses David (pictured) and Brian. Dave gave us a tour of the kitchen and described the operation.


After lunch in the mess we said farewell to Mike.


We drove to Ukunda for shopping, and visited the Kamba carving centre. Meld bought a karamba for school, and Ndunge demonstrated how to play it.


Bixa, used for dyes, grows well here.


Lucy working again, this time the laundry.


The new bathroom – no more views of the stars as you do your ablutions.


Japhet brings home the goats and a calf.


Meld makes sure that Sue’s Christmas decorations are still hanging on the wall – it’s been a bit breezy.


Kennedy and Japhet prepare coconuts.


I went with Maggy for a drink at the pub (well, we’d promised the owner we’d return), then back to Maggy’s where Black Jack soon jumped on my lap (having licked my feet).


Sitting tasting Maggy’s githeri I suddenly realised I’d left my camera at the pub, so Agostino, Maggy and I hurried back. Nearly to the pub we heard squeals from behind – Black Jack had followed us and was being bitten by the black ants. Maggy had to carry her to the pub and home again, and hold onto her as Agostino and I left.

Back at Lucy’s it was Chapati Party time, accompanied by green grams and potatoes fried in batter (which Meld cooked with Lucy).


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