Fumathoka Prize Giving and Graduation

Today was last day of term for the children (and staff) at Fumathoka school (next door) where Meld has been volunteering. Each class performed – Standard 1 talked about what they had learnt (quite impressive for age 7).


Other classes sang songs


There were prizes for the top results, most improved, best disciplined, cleanest, and they made us hand out some of the prizes!


Trying to look like we belonged in the important seats (the staff were all dressed in their finery)


The parents were there – but lots came late and missed their children being rewarded. Pwani time!


The standard 3 children were graduating from Lower Primary to Upper Primary.


Manny looks proud of his results


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  1. harrison says:

    Very good photos and a very nice school.
    Simons, keep up the good work.

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