Life’s a beach…

After inspecting the works and enjoying a fine lunch, we were joined by Maggy and took a walk to the beach. On the way we passed a “family of three” baobab tree.


Walking the deserted beach.


First stop, 500m along the beach, is North Coast Beach Hotel, with its beach bar. Mango and passion juice all round.


Meld and I swam, the water has as hot as a bath, and from the water we saw two horses being ridden along the water’s edge. Mandatory photo for Bridget!


Relaxing after the swim.


Then we strolled back, passing the fragrant frangipan trees.


We were back in good time for All Saints’ Day mass, where Joe told his parishioners that the house had to be finished before we go home so that we can spend a night under it roof.


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  1. John Chenery says:

    Ah, baobab trees. The Eden Project in Cornwall where I was last week is heavily into them, even selling baobab smoothies:

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