Day: December 2, 2013

A Surprise at Bomas

After our luxurious night in the Intercontinental, we walked (just next door from the hotel) to the Holy Family Basilica for the “English” Mass. Ironically, the hymns were all in kiswahili!


It had rained heavily during mass, and the sky was heavy with grey clouds.


After Mass we checked out of the hotel and took a taxi to Helen and James’ apartment near Junction. After coffee and lunch we headed to Bomas of Kenya, expecting to visit the traditional homesteads and see the traditional dance displays. However, when we got there we discovered another event going on in the main hall (and didn’t realise the traditional dances were in another hall). We bought tickets to the show, which we were told would include traditional dancing and singing and went in…

The event turned out to be a show by / for a girls school. They were supported by The African Boys Choir who were absolutely amazing.


Some of the girls did aa fashion show.


They also sang as a choir, and did a wonderful display of song and dance, but I was so engrossed I failed to take and photos or video.