Busy days in Shanzu

As the end of our trip approaches we’ve both been quite busy: Meld being Class 4 teacher at Barnabas, and me trying to complete updates to websites and various admin tasks around and about.

On Tuesday I went to Barnabas to see Harrison’s laptop, and managed to get a photo of Imelda’s shy colleague.


Back home, the reduced dog family welcomed us.


On Wednesday Imelda finished early and we went by boda boda (motorbike taxi, also know as piki piki) to the Transitional Workshop for Disabled Young Women at Shanzu. We didn’t realise that Selina worked here, although she was not there at the time. They make a wide range of products from kikoy fabric…


…and sell them in their shop.


We then went on to Kikambala for a lovely supper with Coralis.

Thursday’s main adventure was a shopping trip in Joe’s truck to Nakumatt to buy sodas for our party on Saturday.

Friday found Shanique hitching a ride in a hand cart


And Imelda teaching drawing


Martin and the boys have been clearing the grounds for the party tomorrow. Martin and Shariff disappeared, and came back with a crab!


Sadly the crab was only to look at, as they’d also brought its owner!

Unusually for January, the nights are a bit cool here – you certainly need a sheet over you in bed – maybe it’s preparation for going home!


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  1. clare gamble says:

    You’ll need a bit more than a sheet when you get home, but there have only been a couple of frosty mornings so far…..anything is better than this incessant rain!

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