Lazy Shanzu Sunday

After the long day yesterday, we decided to go to 10am Mass in Shanzu (the third of 3 back-to-back Masses). Although we were there on time, the previous Mass overran so we were maybe 20 minutes late starting. Pwani time!

As ever, there were liturgical dancers who danced at ever opportunity.



The church is massive, there were several hundred people there.


The mass itself took 2.5 hours or more (including notices of at least 30 minutes), after which we retired to the pub!

We walked back to Majaoni for a quiet afternoon, then we were joined by Joe’s brothers Martin and Samuel, and 3 nephews. Martin would get us coconut to drink….






When the others had left, Meld and Maggy set to in the kitchen – our first attempt at cooking here – which was successful (lentils being a change  from the regular food here).



Then we set up the laptop for a “Majaoni Cinemax” evening, watching the end of Bride and Prejudice (which Maggy missed the other day) and then The Constant Gardener. The latter is one of my favourites, and it was interesting to watch in the company of Kenyans (who seemed to recognise their country, rather than dispute the representation thereof, which is maybe a bit worrying!)

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  1. Clare Gamble says:

    Surely you meant 2.5 hours not 25? After the previous day’s celebrations another long day + 1 hour might be a bit over the top 🙂

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