Day: January 16, 2023

Kili Day 2: Machame Camp to Shira Camp

Hike: Machame Camp to Shira Camp • Hiking Route »

Today’s was just a morning hike climbing some 900m from 3,000m to 3,900m over 5.1km. That’s rather steeper than yesterday’s longer steady climb.

Having arrived not long before sundown yesterday, we got a better view of our camp this morning. The hikers are housed in the little green tents.

Breakfast was served in the mess tent – dark blue and always gloomy inside.

Mary, next oldest after me, is ready for the day.

The climb starts immediately and is relentless. But we’re only carrying ourselves and our day packs – the porters carry much more.

We are encouraged by the view ahead and around us.

Here it is quite a procession with little chance to pass unless someone stops. The porters are always keen to get ahead – they want to have the camp ready for our arrival.

This cold shower wasn’t quite tempting

We’re out of the rain forest now, with weird vegetation and evidence of how damp it generally is up here.

As we turned across the face of the mountain it was less steep but tricky underfoot.

Some splendid mountain thistles

We reached Shira Camp in time for lunch – and in time for the cloud to settle on us.

Washing up after lunch

The Shira Cave

Nashon and I took a further excursion to a small hill which should have a view….

Our tents

Preparing supper

As darkness fell the clouds cleared – what a sight.