Day: January 20, 2023

Kili Day 6: Millennium Camp – Mweka Camp – Mweka Gate

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A sunny morning, so the solar charger was working well.

A great view of the mountain as the camp was dismantled for the last time.

Time (and weather) to take tea outside, though we’re still at high altitude.

This is how you get the dust out of a tent (also works for late sleepers)

Ready to descend

Farewell my friend

The descent started through moorland (as you can see in the above pictures) down to Mweka Camp. At this point I was on my own with everyone else ahead of me (I thought)

After Mweka Camp we were back into the rainforest, luxuriant and green, though steep and rocky at times. i was hurtling down, keeping with (even overtaking) the porters, with a few pauses for the scenery.

I rapidly descended to Mweka Gate – the end of the trail.

Here I met Mox, our steward, and we shared a beer (well deserved, especially on his part). This is when I learnt that somehow everyone else was behind me – like hours behind me – so we sat and supped until they caught up.

Then we all had to be officially signed out before being taken to an eatery nearby for lunch (now late lunch) and a chance to buy souvenirs and thank the team who’d supported us so well.

And then, back in the bus, via the hire shop to the Zebra Hotel in Moshi where we were awared our certificates of achievement by Ulrick, the head guide.

And then … shower (first for a week), dinner, more beers, bed (first for a week), repacking AGAIN. Saturday morning we were taken to the Kenyan border at Holili where our ways parted.