Day: January 26, 2023

Malindi Visit

A week after out Kilimanjaro adventure I drove up to Malindi to meet fellow hiker Joyce who wanted to show me the sights.

First stop (after breakfast of course) was Marafa (Hell’s Kitchen), a canyon in the sandstone with spectacular colours. The soft sandstone has been eroded to great effect.

The soft sand was traditionally been used for body paint (red, yellow and white). Here we compare the appearance on differing skin colours.

From Marafa, back through Malindi and Gede to Medi where we had fish lunch on the beach before trying the elevated boardwalk through the mangroves. I have to say this was more alarming than anything we’d encountered on Kilimanjario!

From Medi to Watamu for a swim and a run on the beach (avoiding kite surfers and their strings)

After an excellent coffee and gelato (Non Solo Gelato, Watamu) we headed to Gede ad a road alongside the Araboko Sokoke forest to see the elephants coming for their evening drink. Light was a bit low, but you’ll get the gist.

Next morning, before heading south again, we went to Malindi Beach for a swim and a walk .

Rounded off with a glass of passion juice