Day: January 18, 2023

Kili Day 4: Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp via Karanga Camp

Again the morning was clearer than the precious afternoon and there were views up the mountain.

First we had to scale in the infamous Barranco Wall – a solid rock face that towers over the camp and looks really difficult to climb. In reality the route is well defined and there’s just more pushing up than walking forwards.

There were some narrow gaps to squeeze through

And the famous “kissing rock” where you slide round with your face to the rockface.

As we climbed, the views got better

Having climbed the wall the route was up and down, with the off place to sit and rest

At Karanga Camp the weather was closing in again.

After lunch we set off again into a minor blizzard. We’d actually dropped lower than the start point, and had over 800m to climb to Barafu Camp.

We were relieved to reach Barafu Camp


However, as we sat by the hut waiting for our camp to be ready, the sun emerged

Here we are joined by hikers from Brisbane and BC – the whole world comes to Kilimanjaro.


Even the summit came out to see us briefly


And so to camp, to be fed and to rest ahead of our ludicrously early start in the middle of the night. And they fed us PIZZA – good pizza. How do they manage that on the mountainside?