Month: November 2013

Kikamabala Priests’ House – History

All that remained of the old priest’s house in April 2011.



Building work starts in April 2012


The house is close to the church


Fr Joe Kengah blessing the works, later in April 2012


Progress has been made, but stalled, April 2013.


We made it!

Whether you consider our flight from London to Addis Ababa “good” probably depends on your ability to cat-nap. 8 hour flight; drinks served after 1 hour (over Germany), dinner after 3 (over Greece), lights on for breakfast 90 minutes before an early arrival (over Sudan). I was fine, but Meld felt deprived of sleep. As we did the last stint over Ethiopia, the sun rose to our East, out towards the Red Sea.


Bole airport at Addis was OK: bus between terminals gave us any chance to see our transport up close.


The airport was clean if not exciting, and a chance to catch up on sleep. Our next flight was not too late. We flew over Ethiopia, which looked interesting through the clouds, then alongside Lake Turkana.


Then on past Nairobi to Kilimanjaro –but we were on the wrong side to see the great mountain. From there to Mombasa where Joe and Jacob met us and drove us to our home for the next 3 months, Joe’s house at Majaoni. After lunch Joe’s brother Martin and friend Lucky took us for a walk to view the creek.


Newly-built fish pond, with mangrove planted for reinforcement.


The mangrove nursery.


A little crab with a big claw.


A panorama over the creek.


Sun sets over the mangroves

. 09

Back at the house.



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