Day: November 13, 2013

A Trip to Town – and back to Barnabas

We went into town with Joe and Jacob, and visited Bertina at the Lwanga Communications office – and even got a picture of her this time.


We had a long chat, well overdue, before Joe picked us again and we went to Pizza Inn for lunch. We then went round to the railway station to book our tickets back from Nairobi. It’s sadly rather decrepit (both the station and the railway, which is why it takes so long – the buses are much faster and reliable, but the railway is an experience!)



In the afternoon, Meld and I went up to Barnabas school again. The children were outside playing, and the headteacher lined them all up under a huge mango tree.


Meld found another girl called Imelda! (in uniform)


Teachers discussing problem children!


The school caters particularly for the poorer children, and has a great ambience, but seeing a few desks, broken plastic chairs, etc, their funding issues are apparent.